Rahul Bachute

A mathematical approach for formulation of generalized field data based model for productivity enhancement of cylinder head moulding operation

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  • Rahul P Bachute,  
  • Dr K S Zakiuddin

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In this paper, an approach for formulation of generalized field data based model for cylinder head moulding operation. The aim of field data based modeling for cylinder head moulding operation is to improve the output by correcting or modifying the inputs. The goal of the research is to reduce human energy input required while performing cylinder head moulding operation. With the reduction in human energy input, automatically, the productivity of the process will also increase. The study identifies important ergonomic and other work environment related parameters which affect productivity. The identified parameters are properties of sand, physical dimensions of tools, energy outflow of workers, anthropometric data of the workers, working conditions like relative humidity, ambient temperature. Out of all the variables, responses and causes are identified. After dimensional analysis relationship between the dependent and independent parameters, a mathematical model is established having a relationship between output parameters and input. To get the optimized values model is optimized using the optimization technique. Sensitivity analysis is a tool which can be used to find out the effect of input one parameter over the other. The model will be useful for an industrialist to select optimized inputs so as to get targeted responses.

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