Souren Bhattacharya

Scheduled tribe girl students with special need and artificial intelligence

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  • Souren Bhattacharya,
  • Subhasree Pal.

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Overall, disability refers to a physical or mental state that impairs an individual's ability to function in daily life. It suffices to say that disability is a medical-social issue that affects both the family and the nation. In a country like India, where girl children are frequently stigmatized as a burden on society, the condition of girl children with special needs is frequently subject to carelessness, lack of compassion, and illiteracy. Though the situation has improved slightly since the introduction of inclusive education, the situation is critical for tribal girl students with special needs. In a fragile socioeconomic environment, tribal girls are already vulnerable to high dropout rates, early marriage, and an ignorant attitude from family members, but the situation is pitiful for tribal girls with special needs. The tribal girl students with special needs suffer quadruple discrimination of being female, being disabled, being ST, and being socio-economically backward. Here, intervention through artificial intelligence (AI) and AI-assisted devices can be critical in overcoming the barriers encountered by tribal girl students with special needs in the process of inclusion and development

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