Ajay Garg

“screening of semicarbazones as anticonvulsant agents

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  • Ajay Garg,
  • Ranjan Singh,
  • Khushboo Shrimali

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ABSTRACT- Objective- The principal objective of the present investigation was the preparation of several analogs to further evaluate the binding site hypothesis. Aryl semicarbazides have also been reported to display excellent anticonvulsant activity in mice and rats. Method- In this project, the synthesis of semicarbazone derivatives was carried out. All molecules were synthesized using the common starting material –aniline. In all compounds, an intermediate was first formed by substituted phenyl urea using substituted aniline and potassium cyanate, and then it was hydrolyzed to get substituted phenyl semicarbazide, which was directly coupled with ketones. All the synthesized compounds were biologically screened for their anticonvulsant activity by the MES method. Result- Standard error mean was calculated concerning standard and control drug, Phenytoin sodium (25mg/kg.) and DMSO. The synthesized semicarbazone was characterized by using IR Spectroscopy. One another representative molecule compound was characterized using 1H NMR Spectroscopy. Conclusion- It can be concluded that designed semicarbazones were synthesized and characterized successfully. After synthesis of designed semicarbazones compounds were evaluated for anticonvulsant activity. Finally, two compounds have shown better activity in comparison to the other molecules.

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