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Self-concept and adjustment of visually impaired students in special and inclusive school settingsself-concept, adjustment, visually impaired, special school, inclusive school

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Self-concept and adjustments are important determinants of personality development of an individual and a conducive school environment can contribute building positive self-concept and making adjustment. This study attempted to investigate the level of self-concept and adjustment of visually impaired students attending special and inclusive school settings. Descriptive survey method was adopted to carry out this study and 165 visually impaired students studying in special and inclusive school settings located in Delhi and NCR participated as respondents for the study. The data gathering instruments used for this study include ‘Information Schedule’ designed by the researcher, Self-Concept Questionnaire (SCQ) by Sarswat and Adjustment Inventory for School Students (AISS) by Sinha and Singh. Data were analysed by applying statistical techniques namely– Percentage analysis, Mean, S.D. and t-test. Findings of the study indicated that visually impaired students in inclusive setting possess higher positive self-concept and demonstrate better adjustment than their counterpart in special school setting. Educational implications for different stakeholders are discussed.

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