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Social skills development and educational outcome of special need students in special and inclusive settings

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  • Dr Rubul Kalita,  
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  • School Of Education,  
  • Central University Of Haryana,  
  • India

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Lack of development of adequate social skills of special need students results in many disruptive behavior and poor academic gains. School setting is also an indicator of rise in academics and learning of social skills. The purpose of the current study was to investigate the social skills development and educational outcomes of special need students attending special and inclusive settings. Only 110 visually impaired students (60 from special and 50 form inclusive school setting) represent as special need children who participated as sample of the study. Data were collected from 5 Special Schools for Visually Impaired and 5 Inclusive Schools located in Delhi and NCR. Hindi Version of the Matson Evaluation of Social Skills with Youngsters: Self-rating form (MESSY) by Sharma (2000) was used to assess social skills development and to measure the educational outcome, aggregate percentage marks obtained by the students in their previous year‟s annual examination were collected from the records of the schools. Hypotheses formulated for this study were verified by applying appropriate statistical techniques- Mean, Standard Deviation and t-test. Significant differences found in the development of social skills and educational gains of the special need children in special vs. inclusive settings. Inclusive setting, to a great extent provides conducive learning environment and platform to develop social skills. Results of the study recommend implications for special and normal children, teachers and administrators.

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