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Obsessive compulsive disorder symptom exacerbation during covid-19 related lockdown managed with homoeopathy: a case report

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Background: Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is one of the most personally distressing, and disabling psychiatric condition. COVID 19 pandemic and country wide lockdown are likely to exacerbate the symptoms in diagnosed cases of OCD. Homoeopathy, an established system of medicine with potential relevance to mental health issues has a sparse literature in management of OCD. Objectives: The primary purpose of this case report is to point out the usefulness of Individualized homoeopathic medicine in treatment of OCD. The secondary purpose is to highlight the utility of similimum in the management of exacerbation of psychiatric conditions due to stressful life situations. Methods: A case of OCD reported in Psychiatry out Patient Unit treated by Classical Homoeopathy is presented in this case report. The case was assessed at baseline and follow up visits with Yale Brown Obsessive Compulsive Scale (Y-BOCS). Results: Baseline Y-BOCS score of 24 (Severe OCD) turned gradually to subclinical range of seven within 6 months. Patient had excellent relief for next six months and was functionally well. A comparatively milder exacerbation of symptoms (Y-BOCS-17) during lockdown could be managed effectively with the repetition of similimum resulting in subclinical score of five quickly within a month. Conclusion: Homoeopathic medicine is useful in the management of OCD and also symptom exacerbation due to stressful life events like lockdown.

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