Inderbir Kaur

Acceptance of cloud deployed blended learning environment by students in higher education sector-a literature review

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n India, the education sector has been always attentive to adopt innovations and techniques in the teaching-learning process due to various challenges. But nowadays, academic institutions are becoming flexible in accepting the new teaching and learning techniques to satisfy the student sector which as cited as the most vital entity in the educational sector. New technologies, tools, and techniques are proving as a boom for innovative teaching and learning practices. One of the emerging teaching technique is Blended learning which is a process refers to “mixing of the different learning environment for educational transfer”. It combines the traditional face to face classroom method with online learning method supported by advanced technology and tools. Blended learning should be viewed not only as a temporal construct but also as a fundamental redesign model. Through this content, delivery becomes digital and online. Truly blended learning requires teachers should adopt the approach as guides and mentors and learning should go beyond the classroom walls. Blended learning is also known as Hybrid learning. Although, Indian Government is taking initiatives to implement a blending learning approach yet there is a need to access the behavioral aspect of the students to use this blending learning approach. Adopting a blended learning approach must start with a re-examination of the intended learning outcomes.The deployment of cloud in the blended learning process makes its existence more strong. This study is the review of literature selected to identify the need for blended learning deploy with cloud in the teaching-learning process in the Higher Education Sector.

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