Primary hydatid cyst of the small intestine masquerading as intestinalhydatid cyst

  • Authors Details :  
  • Sameh Tlili,
  • Youssef Hellal,
  • Rabia Ben Abdallah,
  • Aida Daib,
  • Malek Boughdir,
  • Fatma Trabelsi,
  • Shanaz Abid,
  • Khaoula Ben Hassine,
  • Wafa Koubaa,
  • Youssef Gharbi,
  • Nejib Kaabar

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Hydatid disease or hydatidosis is a worldwide zoonosis disease caused by the tapeworm of Echinococcus granulosus and still widely endemic in Tunisia especially in rural areas where the sheep-dog cycle is dominant. It is an important public health problem in the pediatric age group causing significant morbidity and mortality. We report a case of primary hydatid cyst of the small intestine in a child and we want to highlight the difficulty that we meet in the diagnosis despite the contribution of imaging.

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