Anshuman Vijay Magar

Analytical study of foreign direct investment in indian automobile sector

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  • Anshuman Vijay Magar,
  • Dr. Nishikant C. Dhande

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This research paper focused on the role of FDI in Indian automobile sector& dramatic changes in automobile sector after 1991’s open economy policy of Govt. This paper also attempt to splash light on some important aspects such as the journey of Indian Automobile sector from scratch to spectacular progress with combination of foreign technology & Indian talents, growth in direct & indirect employment, economic development of some important aspect in country like GDP as well technology transfer, improvement in R&D through the automobile clusters in country, focusing on potential of Indian automobile sector which is attracting Foreign investment.As well the policy support (Automobile mission plans 2006-16, 2016-2026, NATRiPS, Make in India Mission) by the Central & State Government for establishment of production facilities attracted automakers worldwide. As FDI is key driver not only in terms of inflow of FOREX but changes in the attitude of Government, Customers, &Automakers itself.

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